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Do you have old photos, newspaper clippings, show programs, or anything else relating to MHKA in past years? How about sharing it with us so we can add a photo to the website archive? (All materials will be returned promptly, of course.)


MHKA events wouldn't happen without the aid of our dedicated, energetic volunteers. Whether setting up equipment for agility, providing information to attendees, helping out the judges, or any number of essential duties, MHKA volunteers are the best! If you'd like to know how you can help at a specific event, contact the show chairperson and let her/him know. The best way to enjoy the show is to be part of it! (And we'll feed you, too.)



About MHKA: Our History

Founded in 1941, MHKA is a nonprofit organization furthering the advancement of purebred dogs. We are a tax-exempt organization under section 501(C)(4) of the internal revenue code. We hold American Kennel Club sanctioned dog shows, obedience trials and agility trials, encourage sportsmanlike competition at our events, and promote responsible dog ownership in the community. The Club offers year round dog activities and public services for the community and raises money to provide support for animal care organizations (eg. Dutchess County SPCA, AKC Health Foundation, Associated Dog Clubs of New York State, American Dog Owners Association, and specific research at Cornell University).

Meetings are generally held monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We routinely offer educational programs at our meetings which benefit the average pet owner as well as Club members. Guests are always welcome to attend.

For those individuals interested in purchasing a purebred puppy, the MHKA offers a breeder referral service and provides a breeder directory to all local veterinary offices free of charge. MHKA also maintains an updated list of breed rescue contacts for those individuals looking to adopt or place an older purebred dog.

MHKA is a member of:
American Kennel Club (AKC) - akc.org
American Dog Owners' Association (ADOA) - adoa.org
Associated Dog Clubs of New York State - adcnys.org

Curious about dog events? Want to know more about activities with your dog? Come to a meeting or event, and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Or contact MHKA by email. ©2017 Mid-Hudson Kennel Association. All rights reserved.