Registration Deadline

The registration deadline will be announced in the future. The cost is $35 for the first dog, and $33 for each additional dog. Cats and other animals are also eligible for examination. If you have any questions about the clinic, contact Penny Slingerland at at onecentoreo@hotmail.com.  We have to guarantee Dr Kern 100 animals in order to hold the clinic, so please register early.  Also morning appointments fill up early so if you want a specific time register early.


MHKA events wouldn't happen without the aid of our dedicated, energetic volunteers. If you'd like to know how you can help at a specific event, contact the show chairperson and let her/him know. The best way to enjoy the show is to be part of it! (And we'll feed you, too.)



Eye Clinic on November 5, 2017

On November 5, 2017, the Mid-Hudson Kennel Association will sponsor its annual Eye Clinic at the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital, 6450 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, NY (see map). The clinic will open at 8:00 am. More information will be posted here when available.

The Eye Clinic is not just for MHKA members' dogs--anyone can sign up to have their dog's eyes checked. Dr. Kern will even do an eye exam for cats and other pets. The chairperson for this event is Penny Slingerland

Dr. Thomas Kern, a board certified ophthalmologist from Cornell University, has been conducting the Clinic for the past several years. This is an OFA Clinic.  Specialists certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists provide painless examinations of dogs and send their findings to the OFA.  This information is helpful in studying trends in eye disease and breed susceptibility.

For cost and more information, contact Penny slingerland at at onecentoreo@hotmail.com

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